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Mauritius: Sittirai Cavadee for Tamil in token of devotion to the god Muruga at montagne Kovil of Quatre-Bornes

After ten days of fasting for Sittirai Cavadee in honor of Lord Muruga, hundreds of Tamil faithful, the body (1) pierced with silver needles wore on Sunday, May 3, 2015 their cavadee, portico decorated with flowers, foliage and icons, in honor of the son of Shiva and Parvati during a procession to the temple of Quatre-Bornes Malai Kovil (2) or "montagne Kovil".
The penitents transported a copper container called "sumbhoo" filled with milk which was on their heads or hung on their skin.
The devotees thus praised the Lord Muruga throughout the procession to the temple. They pronounced the sacred verses and performed their faith. Once arrived at the foot of the mountains, the penitents climb around 230 steps to reach the Kovil and poured the milk from their "sumbhoo" on the statue of Lord Muruga. The first ceremony of Sittirai Cavadee was held in 1941 at Quatre-Bornes Malai Kovil.
As a reminder, the procession wants to perpetuate the legend of Idumban that his guru, the sage Agattiyar, sent to search for the peaks of two mountains. The latter brought the two peaks attached to the ends of a wooden pole.
To test his faith, the Lord Muruga then changed into little boy and climbed one of the peaks so that the load is heavier. Idumban, who had not seen the child god, went into a mad rage and a battle engaged. Then Lord Muruga pierced him with his spear and Idumban passed away fatally wounded.
The sage Agattiyar and relatives of Idumban implored the Lord Muruga who agreed to revitalize the sage. As a sign of thanks, Idumban and his surroundings made a promise to carry the Cavadee each year.
(1) Tongue, cheeks, chest, back, arms, legs
(2) Kovil signifies temple


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