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Mauritius: Simple drowning of a teenager or aggression between friends

Mauritius: Simple drowning of a teenager or aggression between friends
The disappearance of a 16 year old teenager, for a week, after swimming in the pond Saint-Antoine in the south of Mauritius had a twist of size.

His family having no news of the youngster, who works in a hotel, gave the alert to report his disturbing disappearance.

This Saturday, the police have arrested two friends of the missing person who had been seen in the company of disappeared around the pond of Saint-Antoine. The two minors were not slow to deliver their version of the tragedy. The missing person was found according to them in trouble in the pelvis and the two teenagers have the opportunity to pick his pockets.

The police are now trying to corroborate their statements together with evidence from the survey material already collected. Peers of the declared disappeared hence stole his laptop which is to be sold thereafter. The two young people also raided the money foreign currency.

The body of the missing youngster has not yet been found, despite many searches in the area suspected of drowning. For the moment, only his clothes were recovered near the pond of Saint-Antoine.

Fabrice François

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