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Mauritius: She denounces her lover for drug trafficking

A woman of 25 years, denounced her lover to the police as a drug dealer. She indeed went to the police station of Tower-Koenig, Mauritius, last Sunday with a plastic bag containing six rolls of cannabis.
The package handed to the police is estimated about 25,000 rupees (603 euro).
The young woman said that she had been beaten by her lover. This physical aggression is due, according to her, after her partner had consumed prepared joints of the cannabis, of the same package she handed to the police.
The police then went to the couple's residence to the NHDC, at La Tour Koenig. The rolling papers were seized as well as other objects associated with the consumption of cannabis.
The partner was arrested for drug trafficking. The police have also found possible relations with traffickers in the area. The police raised the possibility of conflict between cannabis resellers who would be at the origin of this denunciation, as points out the L'Express newspaper.

Waheda Mungly

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