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Mauritius: SAMU Doctors and Nurses denounce the lack of resources at their disposal in regional hospitals

2,500 calls a day are received by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in Mauritius.
While the North hospital and that of Candos have two emergency vehicles and five ambulances are only allocated to five regional hospitals, physicians and nurses of SAMU today denounced the lack of resources at their disposal, as related by the newspaper Weekend of Mauritius.

Often criticized by the public for their slowness, SAMU professionals thus denounce an overload work due mainly to the management of dialysis or cardiac patients and also to ensure that the tasks traditionally assigned to non-medical ambulances.

An additional workload that sometimes makes them arrives late on the scene of an accident or a true medical emergency which increase discontent of the population against them.

SAMU professionals also point the finger at the lack of staff with a single centralized doctor working in 24 hour guard at the medical emergency number 114 and who directs the teams of SAMU field, depending on severity the information collected.

Fabrice François

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