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Mauritius : Rs 1 billion losses for the Mauritian economy following cyclone Edilson

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The public holiday granted on Thursday due to Cyclone Warning Class 3, is estimated to have caused nearly 1 billion rupees (more than 23 million euros) in terms of loss of income for the Mauritian economy.

According to the economist Georges Chung, the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Mauritius is 300 billion rupees (a little more than 7 billion euros) while there is nearly 300  working days in a year. As a result, evaluations are made on losses incurred for the Mauritian economy following tropical storm Edilson during the non-working day on Thursday.

However, he stated that the loss of income is inferior due to the fact that some companies were operating despite Cyclone Warning Class 3, as indicated by Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.

Some economic sectors would like a revision of the warning system which would make enterprises aware of the guidelines that they could adopt in case of cyclone warning.

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