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Mauritius: Relaunch of the investigation of the rape and murder of Nadine Dantier in 2003

The Mauritian Prime Minister's Office (PMO) would resume the case Nadine Dantier raped and killed in Albion in 2003.

The PMO thus contacted the Inspector Rajesh Moorghen stationed in the island of Rodrigues and Sleuth of the police force known for having elucidate a series of criminal cases that had remained at a standstill for many years.

The inspector should therefore make his decision soon in the wake of the case Nadine Dantier who hit the headlines with many twists and turns, but without convincing results so far.

As a reminder, the student Nadine Dantier had been found dead in June 2003 in a fallow field located only a few hundred metres from her home of Albion in the West of the island.

A suspect was arrested, but was exonerated by DNA testing.

The body of Nadine Dantier was even exhumed in 2007 to find an alleged letter thrown into her coffin.

French police were also renowned mandated to try to guide investigators to new tracks with new investigative forensic means, as recalled in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

Fabrice François

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