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Mauritius: Pigeons invading the maternity hospital in Victoria at Candos in the center of the island

Photo d'illustration
Photo d'illustration
The Victoria Hospital of Candos, located in the center of Mauritius is invaded by pigeons between coos, nests and droppings falling from roofs.
For the medical profession of the maternity hospital, the presence of these birds can transmit bacterial and infectious diseases, like including salmonella and psittacosis which can have serious effect on the health of newborns and mothers, is a farcical situation in the heart of a hospital, as indicated by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

"In developed countries, having pigeons in hospitals is unacceptable. Mauritius is the only that the authorities are indifferent to the problem", laments a doctor at the Victoria hospital.
From the side of Ministry of Health, it is explained that iron nets were set up in the hallways, not far from services where pigeons built their nests.
The Ministry of Health of Mauritius also informed that soon specialized private companies already contacted, will try to eradicate pigeons found in maternity.

Fabrice François

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