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Mauritius: Over 62% of Mauritian consumers confident about the economic future of their country

Over 62% of Mauritian consumers believe according to a recent survey conducted by TNS Analysis regarding the index of confidence within the population that Mauritius is currently following good economic management during the first quarter 2015.
17% of respondents believe a contrario that the country is committed to a wrong direction and 21% of respondents do not have a clear opinion on the subject preferring to say that they "do not know".
The most optimistic of Mauritians are among the 16-29 years and over 44 years as well as those living in rural areas and forming part of the working class. The upper socio-economic category also displays a good report of 64% on the country's current situation.
The Lepep Alliance * elected in December 2014 thus saw its first government measures broadly endorsed by the population with almost two thirds of the Mauritians who place their confidence in the new government in power.
As a reminder, in the third quarter 2014 before the general elections and the defeat of the Labour Party, only 18.8% of Mauritian consumers had confidence in the economic conditions of the island.
* The Lepep alliance brings together the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM), PMSD (Parti Mauricien Social Démocrate) and Mouvement Libérateur (ML)


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