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Mauritius: Milk Mia seduces and boosts its sales on the island

The dairy farm now belonging to the group Agreenculture Holdings Avenport Investment and produces 100% Mauritian pasteurized milk of the brand Mia, is growing its sales in Mauritius.
With a daily production of over 4,000 liters of milk daily without preservatives additives on the side of Salazie the milk Mia ​​- rich in protein, vitamins and minerals - is currently distributed in over fifty supermarket and several four and five star hotels on the island.
Ultimately, a production of 10,000 liters of milk per day is envisaged.
The dairy farm also has the will to focus on diversifying its activities in Mauritius in sight with the production of butter, yogurt and cheese, as reported by the Mauritian newspaper L'Express.
As a reminder, Agreenculture Holdings Company which has emerged in 2008 manages the operation of Salazie in the Nicolière region (North of Mauritius) hosts some 600 cows, heifers and calves.
330 cows of the Anglo-Norman bovine race the Jersey, world renowned for the quality of their milk and imported originally from South Africa are counted.
A Jersey cow milk has 25% more calcium than from a regular cow milk and will keep for 10 days with a milk easier to digest.

Fabrice François

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