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Mauritius: Local Production of pasteurised fresh milk made in Mauritius, immersion in the heart of a dairy farm in Salazie

On the verdant heights of Salazie, in the North of Mauritius and a few kilometers from La Nicolière, the dairy farm of the Agreenculture Holdings belonging to the Avenport Investment Group company produces pasteurised milk 100% Mauritian, real nutrient nectar rich in proteins, vitamins and essential minerals.
In a rural setting of 60 hectares, it is thus some 3,500 liters of fresh milk without preservatives additives which are produced per day, of which a large portion feeds directly under the brand name Mia, since a little more than two weeks, a large surface of Mauritius.
The company Agreenculture Holdings who has emerged in 2008 and manages the operations which hosts 600 cows, heifers and calves which involved 40 employees during two daily milkings, with forty cows placed in a rotary milking that are capable of producing 25 liters of milk per day each.
330 cows of the Anglo-Norman cattle breed of Jersey, internationally renowned for the quality of their milk and originally imported from South Africa are counted and provide a milk production of 1.2 million liters of fresh milk each year.
A Jersey cow milk has 25% more calcium than from an ordinary cow milk and will keep for 10 days with a milk easier to digest.
Agreenculture Holdings through the introduction of its brand Mia wants to democratise the consumption of fresh pasteurised milk in Mauritius while nearly 85% Mauritians consume powdered milk.
"The milk is stored at a temperature of 4 degrees. With us, what makes the difference is that the milk is fresh and pasteurised. With the Jersey cows’ milk taste is different... After milking, the milk is cooled to 2.5 ° in a tank. It is then heated to 75 ° for 22 seconds... Pasteurization helps preserve more nutrients and a fresher taste. On the other hand, a milk processed at ultra-high temperature or sterilisation, preserve fewer nutrients and less natural flavors", said Hugues Havrez general director of Agreenculture Holdings.

Fabrice François

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