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Mauritius: Indignant police write to the Prime Minister to criticize the absence of the police, during the height of torrential rains

The murderous floods Saturday, March 30, 2013 and which have killed 11 in Port-Louis are at the heart of a new polemic this time by police outraged.

The officials still do not understand how during the height of torrential rains during the last Easter weekend, half of the employees were on leave and have not been called to provide assistance to relief operations. The latter "have resumed work on Tuesday".

In an open letter to the Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, the indignant police demanded the opening of an independent investigation to shed light on the absence in the field of police officers, as related site

"The police force has been absent in the affected areas, as reflected in press photos and the photos and videos posted on You Tube. These images show that citizens were left to themselves and helped each other to escape drowning "write the police outraged.

The police "train daily to cope with adversity" and that "absence" is seen even within the ranks of the police officials, as "very serious and unacceptable".

Fabrice François

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