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Mauritius: Huge turtle meat trade between Mauritius and Agalega

Mauritius: Huge turtle meat trade between Mauritius and Agalega
An alleged trafficking of turtle meat between Mauritius and its territorial dependence of the Agalega Island via Rodrigues, concerned the association for the protection of fauna and flora, Mauritius Wildlife Foundation (MWF).

The marines turtles of Agaléga captured by local fishermen are very popular with dealers for the quality of their meat and eggs which found a

Mauritian customer for the illegal sale of these reptiles that are brutally slaughtered in Rodrigues before landing to Mauritius.

Aware of the serious situation and a large-scale trafficking that decimated the population of marine turtles in Agalega, the Minister of Fisheries of the island, Nicolas Von Mally announced his displacement to Alaléga to point out that traffic and begin discussions with local fishermen, as indicated by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

To recap, the average turtle meat would be sold in parallel market in Mauritius to more than 1,000 rupees (25 euros).

Fabrice François

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