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Mauritius: He scalded his wife who refuses to do the household

A mother of 32 years was brutally scalded by her husband of 35 years, last Wednesday, during a violent quarrel between the couple who lives at Sodnac in Quatre-Bornes region.
Noting on his return from work in the evening that the household has not been made within their bedroom and that his wife is sleeping soundly on the matrimonial bed, the husband wakes up the latter and ordered her to put away the clutter of the room.

The young wife firmly refuses and goes back to sleep. Enraged, the husband goes to the kitchen and heated a container of hot water before returning fifteen minutes later spill the boiling water on the face of his sleeping wife.
Severely burned, the young woman was admitted to the major burns ward Victoria hospital of Candos with severe burns to the face and arms.
Police arrest the husband violent on Friday after becoming aware of the facts on Thursday. To the investigators the aggressor explained his mad gesture by a sudden fit of anger.

"I came home from work exhausted. There was a mess not possible in the house. I asked my wife to do the cleaning. She categorically denied. This refusal angered me" supported the husband who had been jailed before for domestic violence after last year he broke the arm of his wife.
Judged for immediate court appearance of Rose Hill the man is charged with assault with intent and was remanded in custody, as indicated by the newspaper Le Défi Quotidien.

Fabrice François

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