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Mauritius: Games of chance and money have reported 2.1 billion dollars in state coffers

While the new Minister of Finance, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, wishes to better regulate locally the influence of gambling and money in the lives of Mauritians, the sector drained in its wake for state coffers in 2014 some 2.1 billion rupees * of taxes.
2013, these taxes were estimated to 2 billion rupees. *
Table the amount of taxes collected by the State of Mauritius on games of chance and gambling in millions rupees
Games                                        Year 2013        Year 2014
Loto                                                   680                652
Horse Racing                                    590                613
Paris Football                                   194                 317
Pool 9 April
Casinos / Gaming houses              540                  529
* One euro roughly equivalent to 38 rupees


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