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Mauritius: Forty additional flights per week to exceed one million tourists on the island

The aim of the association of hoteliers and restorers of the Mauritius (AHRIM) is to exceed 1.03 million tourists in 2014.
Thus to rebalance supply and demand, 44-48 additional flights per week should be scheduled according to AHRIM.
"It is only this year that number overtakes that of 2007, which is a reference year for our tourism, with 906,971 tourist arrivals and 1.77 million seats, 1.95 airplane seat available for every tourist, "said the association.
For its part, the Beachcomber Hotel Group also argues that Mauritius should increase its air capacity and lower the price of plane tickets in order to attract 160,000 more tourists, including 30,000 French from France and some 5,000 travelers from Reunion, as reports the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

Abu Bakr Siddeeq Ameeruddin

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