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Mauritius: For the mother of the girl at a time charged for murder her daughter "was treated like a criminal"

Photo maison familiale à Forest-Side dans la région de Curepipe -
Photo maison familiale à Forest-Side dans la région de Curepipe -
While the 10 years old girl who fatally stabbed his father's friend found freedom Friday last, and this, without any prosecution is brought against her, the mother of the child for the time being entrusted her to her aunt.

"Our daughter is not a criminal. She acted in self-defense. This man has committed of inappropriate touching on her. He behaved badly," proclaims loudly the mother of the girl along with her ​​husband, related also the kindness and calm of the child.

"It's horrible! I never imagined living such tragedy. My daughter has been treated as a criminal. It's hard for a mother to be away from her child. I hope that it will not traumatized her whole life. I talked to her Friday evening. She's afraid, but she is happy to be free", also stresses the mother of the girl who wants only one thing that her child "forget this nightmare and happens to lead a normal life".
As a reminder, the girl killed with a kitchen knife, last Wednesday, the friend of his father after a new sexual advance from the latter of 52 years, as relates the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.

The man of about fifty years was also practicing frequently voyeurism when the child was in the shower, according to her initial statements to investigators and allegedly committed sexual fondling on the girl.
The friend of his father lived with the parents of the girl at Forest Side in the region of Curepipe.
Nevertheless warned by the girl of the actions of his friend, the father had asked him to leave his house before the latter comes back 4 months later.

Again, the evening of tragedy, the victim had inappropriate words against the girl who threw on a remote at him since she did not appreciate the words spoken.
The man does let go the gesture and slap the child. The girl went into the kitchen and seized a knife before returning to the lounge and fatally stabbed the man.

Fabrice François

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