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Mauritius Exchange: The SEMTRI index at its highest level since July 1989

After a slight decline in trading activity in Mauritius experienced a sharp return to form with the rise of the two major market indices SEMDEX (1) and SEMTRI (2).
At the close of regular market Friday, September 26, 2014, the SEMDEX index reached a new record of 2152.62 points.
For its part, the SEMTRI index closed at 6985.23 points, an increase on its side of 100.74 points, and recorded its highest level since July 1989 stock.
The market capitalisation of the official market was thus evaluated late in the session to 236.7 billion rupees (3).
Stock transactions totaled approximately 220.5 million rupees in a week, with over 65.5 million shares exchanged.
Of the 49 listed shares, 16 shares rose in a week, 22 other titles have maintained their position and 11 shares were down, as reported by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.
As a reminder, SEMDEX Stock Exchange index of Mauritius has jumped by 21% in 2013. 

(1) The SEMDEX index is calculated on all stocks listed on the stock market
(2) Index SEMTRI (Stock Exchange of Mauritius Total Return Index), created in October 2002 incorporates the performance of the overall market with dividends and capital gains  
(3) one euro roughly equivalent to 41 rupees  

Fabrice François

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