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Mauritius Exchange: Net divestment within one year of more than 97 million euros on the part of foreign investors

Within one year from May 2014 to 2015, the foreign investors sold off about 5.5 billion rupees (140,846,881 euros) of titles on the Mauritian stock market while at the same time, they have purchased nearly for 9 3 billion rupees (238,159,272 euros). A net disinvestment of 3.8 billion rupees (97,312,390 euros), which began in March.
According to stock analysts, the depreciation of the rupee against the American dollar has pushed the loser foreign investors at the level of exchange to withdraw their financial investments on the market.
On a reminder note, the activity of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since the beginning of 2015 is falling, the SEMDEX index calculated over all titles listed on stock market has lost around 5.3% of its value since beginning of 2015.


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