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Mauritius: Electric current in prepaid cards to fight against bad debtors

The national electricity company of Mauritius, Central Electric Board (CEB) decided to go on the offensive in its struggle against the deadbeats who do not pay their bills every month.
The CEB estimated that 32,000 recalcitrant providing voluntarily pay the bill for lack of funds. While a number down, but always produces heavy losses of twenty million rupees for the public company.
To curb this, the CEB has set up directly in qualified subscribers of deadbeat counters rechargeable prepaid cards, including 10,000 in low-income families.
Since the first affected by this drastic measure are the poorest of Mauritius who are no longer able to reach over both ends and even pay bills for small amounts.
Previously after 4 consecutive months of unpaid bills, the power supply was cut directly into the homes of subscribers receivables.
Today, with these counters recharged by simple prepaid cards, small customers are able to manage their electricity consumption and know how much kilowatts remaining on their card. Customers using this system can recharge their prepaid card and the exhaustion of funds.

Fabrice François

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