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Mauritius: Double digit growth for the fisheries in 2014

The Mauritian authorities rely on the year 2014 for a significant increase in nearly 14.95% of activities in the sector of fisheries in comparison to the figures recorded in 2013.
The Mauritius fishing industry should reap revenues of over 26.44 billion rupees in 2014 against the 23 billion rupees * generated last year.
According to Government projections, 90,000 tons of fish should be fished for about 1.6 billion rupees by the traditional fishing sector and its approximately 6,200 people surveyed.
For its part, the processing of sea products, Seafood chain, which employs 6,500 people in Mauritius will drain in its wake 125,000 tons of fish for estimated revenues to nearly 14.6 billion rupees.
 In addition, aquaculture which employed 250 people with an annual production of 800 tons is expected to bring some 240 million rupees in the sector.
The Ministry of fisheries also readying to invest 300 million rupees already listed using cages placed in them for 20 the development of aquaculture on the island on a dozen lagoon sites.

* One euro roughly equivalent to 40 rupees

Finally, the activity of transshipment in Mauritius should bring some 10 billion extra rupees to the fisheries for the year 2014, as reported by the Business Magazine.

Fabrice François

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