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Mauritius: Con over 7,000 euro between neighboring on background of witchcraft

Mauritius: Con over 7,000 euro between neighboring on background of witchcraft
In 2009, a woman of 52 years old and located in Pointe-aux-Sables, in northern Mauritius, confides fearfully to her
neighbor scared of forty years of her marital problems and her troubles recurring health.

Sensing the simplicity of its predecessor, the latter retorted a person with bad attentive has undoubtedly cast a spell and will offer her a providential help, and that, by being the intermediary between her and a healer.

Till May 2013, the poor victim paid her money in cash at the end of each month, as well as many gold jewelry to be unbewitch and regain health and peace in her household, as related by the newspaper LeDéfi Quotidien. 

Her neighbor succeed the feat of strength to get paid monthly by appropriation of several flat screen TV, furniture, beds, sofas and refrigerators, explaining to her credulous elder that the amount invested for its hardware purchases she would restore from her pocket to the healer so that he can intercede to ensure that the misfortunes of the latter cease ...

Since then the victim of 52 years has finally opened her eyes and complained to the police last Tuesday, for a total loss estimated at more than 7,000 euro.
On Thursday, the alleged manipulative was arrested and brought to court on a charge of fraud.

Fabrice François

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