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Mauritius: An accused admitted to hospital hides two mobile phones in her private parts before her placement in custody

An epileptic accused of 43 years, arrested some ten days ago for burglary with violence, and unfavourably known to justice in cases of prostitution and drug possession, was admitted to the hospital after being unwell during his arrest by police.
Having spent two days in the hospital, the accused is transferred last Tuesday and placed in preventive detention center of Moka where she is subject to a body search before being incarcerated.
Four prison supervisors then proceed to the different regulatory frisk in a room out of sight, but the accused gets annoyed and insults staff at the detention centre of Moka refusing any body search on her.
The supervisors still manage to bring her under control. And at the time where the unclothed accused crouches, a condom containing two mobile phones and a spare battery falls out of her private parts.
Seconds after the accused again lost consciousness and was transported to Victoria Candos hospital before her next hearing to the police to explain her version of the facts, as reported by the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.

Fabrice François