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Mauritius: A trio of burglars propagates terror between flights and rape


At the West of the island of Mauritius is the theatre of burglaries since several weeks committed by a trio, two men and a woman, which spread fear among the population in their wake.  
The Mauritian police suspect the small band to be the authors of a burglary, last Wednesday, at Black River and followed by a sexual assault on the wife of the owner of the House.  
At 23:30 burglars wearing masks break into the house and gagged the couple. They then lay hands on all valuable items of domicile and obtain with the threat of credit card codes of the sequestered couple.
 The lady of the trio accompanied by another member of the group withdrawn money from an ATM in town and left the monitoring of the couple to a single accomplice.   
The latter took advantage of this time to sexually assault women gagged, dragging her into a room.
The rapist agrees to apologize to the young woman
Upon her come back, the wife of the trio discovered the rape and requires that his accomplice apologizes for his act. The rapist agrees to apologize to the young woman who is also forced to take a bath, to erase the traces of her sexual assault. 
 The trio then flees in a stolen car which was found a few hours later, near the Post office of Rivière-Noire.  
The police now stalk the trio to avoid new recurrences in the West of the island.   
Traces of sperm in the bathroom and tattoos on the hand of the woman at the ATM, filmed by surveillance cameras, are so far the only tangible evidence available to the police to quickly bring to an end the trio of burglars who terrorized the West of Mauritius. 

Fabrice François

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