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Mauritius: A sugar production lower than expected as a result of recent heavy rains

While the sugar campaign is in full swing since late May 2014, there remain approximately 10% of agricultural land to be treated in Mauritius in the fields.
The sugar production was thus approximately 387,000 tons of sugar in the last January 10. Thus in the wake of recent heavy rains that lashed the island, sugar production is expected to be around 400,000 tons according to the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture.
As a reminder, according to forecasts published by Agriculture House in May 2014, the sugar harvest should reach this year 415,000 tons of sugar against 404.7 tons in 2013. The sugar cane harvest in 2012 in Mauritius had produced 409,200 tons sugar, while that for the production of 2011 showed 435 200 tons.


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