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Mauritius: A proposed legislation threatens bats according to nature lovers

While the Mauritian government is working on a new draft legislation to preserve the fauna and flora, a specific clause control environment raises concerns for certain environmentalists and scientists, a contrary policy on the subject.

The eventual slaughter of a large number of bats that could be classified as harmful pests, worries nature lovers in Mauritius.

The draft law defines the establishment of a technical committee, with several officials within it, plus two other members of the agricultural sector.

This committee will include planning field, if deemed necessary, slaughter of a species considered harmful plague "national interest", as related

The number "high" of individuals of species, even endemic, will be the criterion for classification as a plague.

Colonies "Pteropus Niger" bats, which for years, deteriorate fruit crops in Mauritius could be in the crosshairs of this technical committee.

Fabrice François

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