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Mauritius: A newborn injured by scalpel at the time of delivery

Mauritius: A newborn injured by scalpel at the time of delivery
A caesarean section on April 17 in the afternoon at the hospital Jeetoo of Port Louis in Mauritius nearly had serious consequences for a female newborn baby.
The little girl was born by Caesarean section, seemingly without medical complications for the child.
The newborn is however not given immediately to the mother and her husband suddenly learns that her daughter was transferred to the neonatal units of Jeetoo hospital to be placed on antibiotics.
The staff also informed the father that his child is doing well, despite a small mark on the head caused by the practice of cesarean section.
Seeking the truth about what really happened during delivery of his wife, and he was informed that the newborn has four stitches to the head.

A wound of 1.5 cm depth, which is due to the scalpel of a gynecologist in charge of cesarean...
Regarding the hospital management, the thesis of medical error is advanced; even though the facts are minimized speak of "small error" without consequences.

For parents who have decided to complain to the police, this negligence could cost the life of their daughter.
The Health Minister of Mauritius, Lormus Bundhoo, also said that a doctor cannot make such a mistake and he would personally ensure that sanctions be taken in this case.

Fabrice François

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