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Mauritius: A new technology in the private hospital Apollo Bramwell to measure the state of blood flow in arteries

Apollo Bramwell private hospital located in Moka recently welcomed in its establishment a new medical technology called RFF (Fractional Flow Reserve) to better measure the severity of obstructions, that is, blockages of blood flow in the coronary arteries.
And this new technology allows doctors to better identify specific lesions that cause poor circulation of blood flow in patients.
The Fractional Flow Reserve technology is also a way to avoid many angioplasties * or repeat cardiac surgery, as reported by Le Mauricien newspaper.
"This approach is quite reasonable when angiography clearly shows if a blood vessel is blocked severely. However, angiography has limitations and it is often difficult to determine the extent of damage especially when the severity is moderate, emphasising the importance of FFR, "said a cardiologist.
As a reminder, a recent report from the Ministry of Health showed that cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Mauritius for the year 2013 with 31% of people died from heart problems.
* Angiography studies through medical imaging blood vessels that are not visible on standard radiographs.

Nuzhah Mungly

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