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Mauritius: A new political party, the Libérateur movement, makes its debut on the local political scene

Ivan Collendavelloo - Photo
Ivan Collendavelloo - Photo
A new political party was officially created this weekend and made his thunderous entrance on the political scene of Mauritius at the initiative of the former historical framework of the Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM), Ivan Collendavelloo.
The latter out of ban with the Purple in the wake of the failed alliance negotiations between the MMM leader of the parliamentary opposition, Paul Bérenger, and the Labour Party (PTr) the Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam, wants to "liberate" the country after the next general election.
The founder of the new party called Mouvement Libérateur* (ML) thus strongly criticized his former leader accusing him of holding "speeches as if he was part of the Government", while keeping "the title and privileges of his position as leader of the opposition".
Ivan Collendavelloo also wishes to rely on the Mauritian youth to "set in motion a movement that will liberate Mauritius... all the negative things that plague the country", which according to him "the favoritism and nepotism or even unemployment among young graduates".
"The most urgent need is to eradicate poverty. It is not possible that 200,000 Mauritians do not eat their fill and have no decent housing... We are not going to tolerate that Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Bérenger take the country in hostage", Ivan Collendavelloo castigated.
The Liberator movement advocates a limitation to two mandates accession to the post of Prime Minister of Mauritius, as indicated by the Mauritian newspaper.
* In Mauritian creole Muvman Liberater

Fabrice François

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