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Mauritius: A fishermen's cooperative wants to bring in his nets 13,000 tons of fish per month

A cooperative of fishermen decided to develop a new tool of modern work, with the acquisition of a vessel of 17 meters in length called the Serenity, and which should enable them to bring 13,000 tons of fish per month.
However before this project becomes a reality the shallow fish waters of the fishing of Nazareth and Saya de Malha banks, with a monthly outcome of 10 days programmed on zone, the cooperative is waiting for the release of funds of more than two million rupees (48.780 euros) in needed loans for "insurance, the purchase of fuel and additional equipment".
The permission of the operating licence for fishing not was also still granted and the ship Serenity is still positioned at the stop in the roadstead of Trou Fanfaron.
"There are 2,600 artisanal fishermen in Mauritius. Our goal is to make them leave the lagoon ... Unfortunately, fishermen do not have the means to go fishing on the banks, where this lead," said Eric Mungur President of the Movement for food self-sufficiency who works in the project.
Eric Mungur deplores the impoverishment of lagoons with sea professionals who report that in their nets only 3 pounds of fish per fisherman on average, as reported by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.
"We don't eat enough fish in Mauritius and our fishermen are getting poorer. It is a contradiction when we see so many European vessels operate our territorial waters", precise Eric Binh, president of the movement for food self-sufficiency.

Fabrice François

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