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Mauritius: A dangerous criminal gang, hunted for several weeks by the police dismantled

Hunted by all units of the Mauritian Police for eight weeks a dangerous criminal gang was dismantled on Tuesday morning after wide net of police shot.
Eight arrests were thus held in a dozen spin houses in several parts of Mauritius.
Most of individuals arrested are "big guys" already spent time in prison before.
Four of them were charged with theft and handling stolen goods by organized gangs and remanded in custody.
Hoods, motorcycle combinations, military boots and part of the stolen loot in many burglaries were seized during the searches, as related by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

To recap, the gang of masked criminals operated in military uniform and each time had managed to foil the security systems in spectacular robberies in opulent residences and businesses.

Agents of Mauritian intelligence services forming part of the National Security Service and Field Intelligence Units were even called in the police to establish Mauritian profiling of potential suspects.

Fabrice François

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