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Mauritius: A baby of 13 months narrowly escaped death during the flood

Photo d'illustration Zahirah Mungly
Photo d'illustration Zahirah Mungly
Sunday afternoon, while the heavy torrential rains of high intensities showered the North of Mauritius Island, a few days after the torrential rains of Wednesday 13 February, a tragedy was prevented by a narrow margin at Amaury, a small village nearby Rivière-du-Rempart. 
At the worst of the weather while the water rises dangerously in the houses, a young couple trying to drain the water inside their house in the company of some relatives and leave their two children of young ages on their bed...

A deafening noise in water and shouts attest suddenly of the tragedy that was played in a few seconds. The elder child of 13 months, just fall into the muddy water that penetrated into the house.
Saved at extremis, the baby and the whole family came out with a fright, as the relates.
"We have rescued him in time. My baby could have died", explains Mohamed, a father still shaken by the tragic events he has experienced. Mohamed criticized the inaction of the authorities against this repeated weather.
"Friday 8th, we have experienced heavy rains. Wednesday 13, it was flood and this Sunday too. On three occasions, in 15 days, I bought provisions and for a sum of 3,000 rupees (75 euros) each time. In all, 9,000 rupees (225 euros) involved... went in the water. Our family has no bed to sleep; no wardrobe and all of our appliances are permanently damaged. The authorities do nothing for us. There was no drain built in the village to help with the evacuation of rainwater", criticises Mohamed with severity.

Fabrice François

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