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Mauritius: 900 kilos of shoemaker cultured fish soon in the local market

Photo P.Libourel
Photo P.Libourel
 In a few weeks, about 900 kilos of shoemaker farmed fish will be introduced in the local market to supply sales channels.
The Fishermen Investment Trust managers are optimistic about the impact of the aquaculture sector in Mauritius, with fish that have grown up in farmed and which will soon reach after 6 months of life 350 grams required for their marketing.

Farms installed at Trou-d'Eau-Douce and Quatre Soeurs will thus provide the first shoemakers who will feed the stalls of fishmongers in the island distribution networks, as shown in the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.
As a reminder, the Ministry of the fisheries are also preparing to invest 300 million rupees (7.5 million euros) for the development of aquaculture in Mauritius on a dozen sites already listed by using a score of floating cages placed in the lagoons.

Fabrice François

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