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Mauritius: 694,360 people voted in the anticipated legislative, the participation is 74%

Despite the rain that hit the island throughout the day on Wednesday 10 December, 694,360 voters made their electoral duty yesterday in Mauritius before the close of the parliamentary elections at 18:00, a participation rate of 74.11%.
The abstention rate of these anticipated elections is higher in cities than in villages in Mauritius.
936,975 registered voters went to the Mauritian polls to elect 62 members to represent them in the National Assembly.
As a reminder, the turnout in the last legislative May 2010 was 77.82% (879,897 registered voters in 2010).
Several incidents marred the vote, especially in Curepipe and the Plaine-Verte neighborhood of Port-Louis, where several case of wounded were reported  in clashes between supporters of the FSM (Front Solidarité Mauricien) and the red-purple PTr / MMM alliance (Parti travailliste-Mouvement Militant Mauricien).
Two cases of identity fraud have also been reported and a voter was caught in full Selfie of his vote bulletin.


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