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Mauritius: 550,000 new biometric identity cards already delivered

Some 550,000 new biometric identity cards on 920,000 were already delivered to their holders, before the deadline of August 31.
To accelerate the delivery of these new IDs in the Mauritian population, a concierge of priority to seniors over 60 will be open from 1 June 2014 in the official centers.
On average, it is between 4,200 applications daily which are performed in the centers open to this effect and operational to the four corners of the island, as reported in the Le Mauricien newspaper.
As a reminder, the new biometric identity card is designed in polycarbonate and custom data with laser etched graphics.
Particularly encrypted within the chip in addition to the holder's medical record, ID number, last name, first name, surname at birth, sex, date of birth, photo, fingerprints of the thumb and forefinger, address and a digital certificate.
The new document official integrated also in its electronic medical record of the holder chip.

Fabrice François

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