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Mauritius: 356,000 beneficiaries of old age pension in 2053

Mauritius: 356,000 beneficiaries of old age pension in 2053
The Mauritian authorities have unlocked some 8.7 billion of rupees * in 2013 for the universal old age pension payment, a 9.5% increase from 2012 budget.
177.721 beneficiaries on the island are currently affected by the payment of the basic pension.
According to the official statistical analyses, the Mauritian Government in 2053 will pay 18.7 billion rupees to 356,000 recipients, as reported in the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.
As a reminder, seniors accounted for 12% of the population of the island in 2012, with 154.369 persons over 60 years identified.
In some 40 years, the Ministry of health of Mauritius previews that 30% of people will be over 60 years nearly a third of the Mauritian population, with a life expectancy of 80 years for women and 75 years for men.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 41 rupees

Fabrice François

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