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Mauritius: 300 cattle, sheep and goats from South Africa arrive in the heart of farms of the island as from August

The minister of Agro-industry of the island is preparing to receive in August next some 300 cattle, sheep and goats from South Africa and intended to different farms of the island for reproduction among others.
The minister of Agro-industry thus wants to “improve the herd” of Mauritius and brings a “better” production of meat for consumers, as confirms a farmer to the newspaper L’Express of Mauritius.
“Currently a local goat weighs about 40 kilos. With the new breed, we can expect a sturdier goat for the same quantity of forage”, he explains.
As a reminder, the production of beef in Mauritius was estimated at around 1.946 tons in 2013 and the meat of sheep and goats about 46 tons.

Fabrice François

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