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Mauritius: 220 million rupees spent on 76 trips former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, between July 2005 and December 2014

According to a document deposited earlier in the week to the National Assembly, the former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam had made 76 foreign trips from July 2005 to December 2014 for an amount totaling about 220 million rupees and disbursed * by the State of Mauritius. Navin Ramgoolam particularly spent 237 days outside Mauritius.
This sum of 220 million rupees thus includes expenses in direct relation with the travel abroad of the former Prime Minister, including those for the management of delegation members who accompanied him.
40 trips to Britain were performed by Navin Ramgoolamat his own expense for the airline tickets and accommodations. The former head of the Mauritian government still enjoyed a significant specific allowance for each day spent outside of his country called "per diem".
Navin Ramgoolam has also been reimbursed in the line "other expenditures" unstated for private trips in Britain, 345,000 rupees in 2005 (17-29 December 2005), 500,000 rupees (21 to 30 December 2006), 458,118 rupees in 2007, and 487,720 rupees (20-30 December 2008), as reported by the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.
Of all his trips abroad, Navin Ramgoolam has touched 40.6 million rupees for his "other expenditures".
As a reminder, 220 million rupees also comprises foreign currency has been seized in the two safes and several suitcases recovered during a search operation at the residence of Navin Ramgoolam, on February 6, near Riverwalk in Vacoas.

* One euro roughly equivalent to 38 rupees


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