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Mauritius: 200,000 Mauritian citizens have completed the procedures in order to receive their new biometric identity card

Despite some misgivings among other trade unionists belonging to the confederation of employees in the private sector (PSAP) and the Lalit party activists, nearly 200,000 Mauritian citizens have already registered to the new biometric card registration procedures.
Meanwhile, the Director of the monitoring of the project, Rama Rao, welcomed the progress concerning the replacement, since October 1st, from the old map of national identity by the new biometric card, as reported in the newspaper Le Défi Quotidien.
As a reminder, the new biometric identity card came gradually into circulation October 1, 2013 and should be in possession of all Mauritian citizens in the run-up to September 2014.
It is designed polycarbonate and custom data with laser etched graphics.
Are particular encrypted within the chip, vital, ID number, surname, first name, surname at birth, sex, date of birth, photo, fingerprints of the thumb and forefinger, address and a digital certificate.

Fabrice François

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