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Manuel Valls announced his next trip to Mayotte

Last Thursday in the Senate, when issues relating to the security and crime figures and questioned by Senator-Mayor UMP of Mamoudzou, Nina Saxena on "alarming insecurity" of Mayotte, the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, has announced that he will move shortly on the island of perfumes, as indicated by the site.

Below transcribed the question of Senator-Mayor UMP of Mamoudzou and the response of the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls
Senator - Mayor UMP of Mamoudzou, Nina Saxena:
'(...) I welcome the opportunity that our rules of procedure offers us to address this expensive issue to my Department, but to the whole nation.

The census, which is conducted in Mayotte at a five-year rate is more in line with the pace of population growth which tends to explode at an incalculable speed and this inadequacy hardly facilitates the implementation of public policies to the realities on the ground. 50% of the population is under 25 years.
40% of the population is in an irregular situation. Unaccompanied in a cramped territory, minors are estimated at 3,000 children, including 500 in fragility, because left to themselves according to the report of the defender of the rights of April 2013.

All reports published on Mayotte reported something alarming repeatedly. Mayotte has a delinquency and alarming insecurity.
Here is therefore a few figures for delinquency and aggression, period of 2012-2013 (source prefecture of Mayotte): voluntary attacks on physical integrity are encrypted at 1363 in 2012, and 1,398 in 2013 an increase of 2.57%.
Property violations represent 4.229 in 2012 and 4837 in 2013 an increase of 14.38 percent.
Economic and financial crimes and scams are of the order to 364 in 2012 and 251 in 2013 a drop registered 31.04%.
Juvenile delinquency for a total of 5,956 in 2012 rose sharply and switches to 6,486 in 2013 representing an increase of 8.90%. (...)
Regarding illegal immigration, again the numbers speak for themselves, with 13,000 illegal in a year according to Le Figaro on November 7, 2013, with renewed border routinely performed.
The stretch of sea between Anjouan and Mayotte has become the largest marine cemetery far from the case of Lampedusa that hit the headlines in Europe.
Dear Minister it is highly regrettable that underserved youth, unemployed, within their majority, are drawn into drifts crime.

As a result, they see themselves as variables of adjustment of a Republic which does not offer them neither employment to become responsible actors of a society undergoing profound changes, nor future prospects to be serious and engaged citizens in the life of the city... and so on.
In response to this scourge of growing insecurity, what are therefore the measures proposed by the Government for Mayotte?
Moreover, the capital of the Department knows a significant rise of the phenomena of violations to property and persons. And this raises the issue of the support of this new urban problems and the formulation of proposals for actions to ensure the order and ensure the safety of individuals.
As you know, on Saturday 21 September, as Mayor, I did adopt a deliberation by the municipal Council to ask the Government the creation of a priority Security Zone (PSZ) in Mamoudzou.
But given the widespread use of these phenomena in all island, is it not desirable that the device be broadened and extended in all Mayotte experimentation?
I hope that from the perspective of your travel to Mayotte, we can reflect together on the concrete solutions to these problems."
Manuel Valls, Minister of the Interior:
"the observation is just Senator Sayeed, but does not date of 18 months ago." Mayotte also problems of school violence: school buses are attacked.
The safety devices have evolved accordingly. The fight against illegal immigration has not stopped. I will travel to Mayotte soon.
What the island needs is the success of its project of departmentalization. We will work on all aspects, economic, social, security, to remedy the situation".

Assani Badrudin

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