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Madagascar: young Malagasy women sold to Chinese peasants for thousands of euros

The Trade Union Association of graduates in social work (SPDTS) revealed last week that more than a dozen young Malagasy women departing for China with a visa tourist in pocket and a promise of employment on site would then be sold as wives to peasants or "elderly" Chinese for a sum between 20 million ariary (6.564 euros) and 24 million ariary (7.877 euro), and this, according to the whiteness of their skin.

But before being married, these young Malagasy girls deprived of their passports upon their arrival are very often victims of inhuman treatments and subjected to disparaging work for human person, and some of them are even raped.
Malagasy girls, including several minors, who dare to rebel against their executioners would be immediately thrown into "dungeons", as shown in the newspaper Le Courrier of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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