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Madagascar wants to bet on the development of Afro-Asiatic cultural villages to enhance its tourist offering

While the Malagasy Minister of tourism, Benjamina Ramarcel Ramanantsoa, clearly announced in April 2014 of wishing to reach the symbolic bar of a million tourists arriving in Madagascar on the horizon of 2020, Madagascar wants to start in the development of Afro-Asian cultural villages to drain the tourists to discover the island.
"For a long time, the Madagascar destination focused on the resort and ecotourism. Now, we launch a challenge to implement the Afro-Asiatic cultural villages in the regions to attract tourists," has put forward on Tuesday the Malagasy Minister of tourism during the presentation of the strategy of his Ministry for the development of tourism.
"This project builds on the UN experience the United Nations Village in Dubai and Haiti. These include implementing a site where the cultural specificities of different nations from the two continents will be posted... Madagascar is a melting pot of Afro-Asian civilisations. It is great time to promote and monetise this cultural diversity", also said the Malagasy Minister of tourism, Benjamina Ramarcel Ramanantsoa.
In the wake of his dual identity and its geographical location, the Malagasy authorities want to make this opportunity a tourist opportunity for the Island, putting Madagascar as "one of the top destinations of Afro-Asian region in terms of tourism through cultural, "as reported by the Midi Madagasikara newspaper.

Antso Rajaona

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