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Madagascar: vanilla production for export, victim of a harmful fungus

Madagascar: vanilla production for export, victim of a harmful fungus
The industrialists of Madagascar operating in vanilla exports are worried. Recent analyzes of Madagascan vanilla pods have shown the presence of a harmful fungus that makes the product unsafe for consumption.
Today it is all the vanilla industry on the Big Island that is under threat and the risk of a total ban on export as related
"Because prices have been relatively low for a few years, producers were unmotivated and have neglected the cultivation of vanilla. Such behavior has led to the spread of the disease of fusarium wilt. The transformation is no longer as before, manufacturers no longer respect the drying process, the collectors do not respect the date of commencement of society, vanilla proposed to be sold are of a devastating quality", says Jean-Christophe Peyre, CEO of the company Floribis, a stakeholders.
Madagascar produces 60% of vanilla exported worldwide. Between 1,200 and 1,500 tons of pods with sweet aromas and are harvested every year.
80,000 local farmers working in the intensive cultivation of orchids pollinated by hand. A cottage industry that locates in the vast plantations in North of the Big Island, in the heart of the humid tropics.
Madagascan vanilla conditioned and dried is exported in large quantities to global markets where the price of a kilo of vanilla varies between 15 to 30 euro.

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