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Madagascar: presidential elections fixed for 24 July 2013

The first round of the presidential election in Madagascar will be held on 24 July 2013. This decision follows a conclave on the subject organized by the National Independent Electoral Commission for the transition (CENI-T) and chaired by the Secretary General of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), Jean Claude de l'Estrac.

To read the full release by the IOC:

George Naksu Nguefang, Jean Claude de l'Estrac et Béatrice Atallah
George Naksu Nguefang, Jean Claude de l'Estrac et Béatrice Atallah
'The National Independent Electoral Commission of the transition (CENI-T), supported by the representatives of the international community, decided to update the electoral timetable originally planned.
This amendment decision was taken to account for delays in setting up of the pre-election machinery and conditionality implementation of the Support to the electoral cycle in Madagascar (PACEM), including compliance with legal deadlines imposed by the electoral code of Madagascar.
The date of the first round of presidential elections is now scheduled for 24 July 2013. The second round of the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on September 25 and elections 23 October 2013.
The IOC has participated in this "conclave" alongside representatives of the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union, the Organisation International Francophony, Norway, the United States, the South Africa, Switzerland and members of INEC-T.
Quite naturally appointed Chairperson, Secretary General of the IOC, Jean Claude de l'Estrac moderated the event and presented the conclusions. Decisions and recommendations taken at the end of the conclave respecting the spirit of the roadmap and express a consensus.

After the presentation of the steps taken in the preparation of the elections by the executive secretary of CENI- T, Jean Claude de l'Estrac congratulated the Chairperson of CENI-T, Beatrice Atallah, for the "outstanding work done by his team". The stakeholders also highlighted the significant progress made since 1 August 2012 conclave.
Alongside partners who are already funding the electoral process, the Secretary-General confirmed the contribution of the IOC of 1 million U.S. dollars. He announced that he would proceed to the signing of the agreement in mid-March, on the occasion of the installation of the Liaison Office of the IOC to Madagascar. This office will be headed by Ambassador Claude Morel, he has presented during this meeting.

The feasibility of this new election date has been studied extensively. This is a group composed of directors of the CENI-T experts from UNDP and the Secretary General of the IOC was able to discuss with the director of the National Printing Office to ensure the date delivery and quality of voter lists.
The discussions also focused on the proposal to reverse the order of elections made ​​by the President of the Transition with the Secretary General of the UN. The organization of legislative elections before the presidential election was one of the three options considered in the first conclave of August 2012, but had not been unanimously. In the absence of new consensus, the conclave maintains order in elections.
During his mission in Antananarivo, the Secretary General of the IOC with Claude Morel, Ambassador of Seychelles South Africa, and Denise Azaïs-Vély, Policy Officer for IOC, held meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pierrot Rajaonarivelo, and with the expert of the European Union responsible for assessing the electoral process.
A working luncheon together the diplomatic representatives of other States members of the IOC (Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles) was held at the residence of France.'

Antso Rajaona

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