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Madagascar: more than a thousand of Zebu recovered as part of the "Coup d'arrêt" operation launched in the South of the island

While since mid-June 2014, the Malagasy Government has sent as part of operation "Coup d'arrêt" around 1,000 policemen to fight against extortion by thieves of zebus (dahalo), over sixty thieves of zebus were killed during the exchanges of fire with the security forces in the South of Madagascar.
Some thirty dahalo were also arrested throughout the violent clashes and three gendarmes were wounded during these security operations.
More than a thousand cattle were also recovered, as reported by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
As a reminder, the Prime Minister Kolo Roger had officially launched the operation against the dahalo by personally moving to Tuléar in the beginning of last month.
The theft of zebu comes from ancient Malagasy traditions, but still well established in the hinterland. Symbol of virility before marriage, criminal gangs turned away from its meaning, to transform it into a juicy traffic.

Antso Rajaona

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