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Madagascar could soon be looking at hybrid power plants

The President speech
The President speech
After decades of waiting, the population of the rural town of Ankadinondry Sakay, in the Bongolava region, finally has access to electricity. It is one of the promises that the President of the Republic made to the population a few months ago. The Jirama thermal power plant was inaugurated on December 2nd by the Head of State who declared that, in the near future, hybrid electric power plants would be put in place, something which is in line with the country’s energy transition. Agriculture and livestock farming dominate economic activity in the town of Ankadinondry Sakay, as with the Bongolava region in general. The arrival of electricity will encourage the emergence of further activities, and support the social and economic development of the region. President Rajaonarimampianina has reiterated that energy is at the heart of the country’s concerns, as it is, as well as agribusiness, livestock farming and small businesses, the ultimate key to development, without understating the improvement which this brings to the centre of each household. Madagascar has entered a phase of energy transition, and is beginning to exploit sources of renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, biomass and hydroelectric power. In the Bongolava region, construction works for the Ampitabepoaky hydroelectric dam are in place, which upon completion will provide for the town of Tsiroanomandidy and the surrounding area. However, in the short term, and on the level of the entire country, hybrid electric power plants will be put in place, notably to make use of solar energy during the day.    
This environmental concern, which affects the future of the country and of the planet itself, was highlighted by President Rajaonarimampianina at Ankadinondry Sakay when he spoke of the COP 21 which is currently in a period of negotiations after the summit on Monday 30th November. The 150 Heads of State who are meeting in Paris are concerned by the considerable damage to the environment, which not only causes climate imbalances but which also has serious effects on the daily lives of ordinary people. The largest developed countries, because of their considerable emissions of greenhouse gases, are responsible, and smaller countries, who only emit 10% of these gases, are suffering the consequences such as droughts, floods and disruptions to cultural calendars. Those taking part in the COP 21 Summit in Paris have convened to assume their responsibilities. In this sense, industrialised countries have made cooperating with developing countries part of their responsibility, in terms of adaptation, resilience, and the transfer of technologies when faced with the effects of climate change. 
To the population of Ankadinondry Sakay and the numerous elected delegates at the occasion, the President of the Republic launched an energetic call to take an active responsibility, at all levels, concerning environmental protection. To the mayors, he reminded them specifically of their mission in terms of being the foremost catalysts of local development. He concluded by reminding the audience that it is through stability and mutual trust, and animated by an active solidarity, that we will advance on the road to progress, to improve henceforth and always the quality of life in each household. 
Technical data:
The Ankadinonry Sakay Thermal Power Plant
-           Finance:
-           ADER (Agency for Rural Development and Electrification)
-           JIRAMA
-           Potential production: 290 kVA (higher than current needs)
-           First group of 130 kVA
-           Second group of 160 kVA
-           Population of Ankadinondry: 51,243 in 5000 residences
-           Current clients/connections: 23 residences
-           Registered requests: 530

The jirama opening ceremony
The jirama opening ceremony

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