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Madagascar: Zebu thieves take refuge in a cave and surrounded by forces of order

While for past few weeks, an uneasy peace seems to be back on the agenda in the southern regions of Madagascar, about twenty thieves of zebu (dahalo) have made off with about 200 zebus in Ankazotelo on the side of the town of Mandrosonoro - the doors of the great southern Madagascar - before releasing the animals after several exchange of gunfire with the forces of order who quickly rushed to the scene.
Four thieves of zebu were killed during the violent clashes. A villager was also killed and three others seriously injured were also counted.
In addition, a dozen zebu thieves took refuge in a cave currently surrounded by security forces and residents armed with javelins and shotguns, as reported by the L'Express of Madagascar newspaper.
As a reminder, the zebu theft comes from ancient Malagasy traditions, but still well established in the hinterland.
Symbol of virility before marriage, criminal gangs have turned away from its first meaning, to turn it into a lucrative trade in Madagascar.

Nuzhah Mungly

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