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Madagascar: Worrying cattle mortality since five months

Madagascar: Worrying cattle mortality since five months
Some 21,000 Zebu cattle from the district of Vohemar in North of Madagascar and Ihorombe in South of the island, were killed in five months.  
81,000 cattle would also be threatened to suffer the same fate, as indicated by the Malagasy veterinary authorities who alerted the central power of the situation on the ground found "alarming".

Drought and low rainfall registered in the heart of the two regions in areas of grazing animals would be the main cause of this carnage.
Rural municipalities (Ampondra, Nosibe, Ampisikina, Daraina, Milanoa, Bobakindro and Maromokotra) who thrive cattle on their land are affected head-on by this disturbing bovine mortality, as relates the newspaper L'Express de Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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