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Madagascar: World Bank releases 400,000 dollars of emergency assistance

The World Bank has recently released an encrypted emergency assistance of 400,000 dollars for the Malagasy population that has been severely affected in mid-January by the strong tropical storm Chedza. The remediation of water points is the priority there.
“The situation in the capital is a serious concern because a lot of districts are in zones which are easily flooded, and which concentrate the most disadvantaged sections of the population, "said Coralie Gevers, Permanent Representative of the World Bank in Madagascar." flooding might favor the contamination of water sources, and thus the spread of epidemics. "119 water points have been totally flooded in the Island, and five have already been listed as contaminated.
The last balance sheet prepared this weekend in Madagascar from the passage of Chedza reported in the Island 80 deceased, 37 injured, 9 missing and some 173,970 homeless. 3,346 houses were flooded and 358 schools have been severely damaged. Forty roads have also been cut and six bridges and riffles have borne the brunt of the meteor. Over 1220 zebu were also lost in this natural disaster.


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