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Madagascar: Vast campaign of reforestation with 550 hectares replanted

While environmental degradation in Madagascar is estimated at 450 million dollars, or 10% of gross domestic product (GDP) of the Island, the Malagasy authorities have initiated since the beginning of the week a vast campaign of reforestation in the Island.
The government has decided to allocate a budget from its own funds of about 20 million ariary, approximately 6,487 euros.
The aids of NGOs and cooperating countries should also be involved in the field. Children in Madagascar and foreign tourists are invited to participate actively in this large-scale operation by planting new tree shoots (eucalyptus, acacia and endemic species).
550 hectares will thus be replanted in Madagascar and as a first step, almost 25 hectares in the 22 regions that make up the country.
Slash and burn, locally known as tavy and charcoal production have inter alia wiped out over a wide area the ecological lung of the Island.
35,000 hectares of forest are devastated every year in Madagascar.


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