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Madagascar: Two French killed in Nosy Be, suspected of organs trafficking

Madagascar: Two French killed in Nosy Be, suspected of organs trafficking
Two French citizen were killed by an angry mob on Thursday morning, in Nosy Be in Madagascar North, suspected to be the protagonists of a traffic of organ donation, as indicated by the site.

"The rioters carried out a manhunt against vazaha (Editor's Note: European foreigners in Malagasy language), which resulted in the death of two vazaha", underlines the Assistant of the Commander of the national gendarmerie, General Guy Bobin Rahman. 

The riots began Wednesday in the wake of the disappearance of an 8 years old boy.

Convinced that its abductor was in the hands of the police Hell City on the island of Nosy Be, a rioting mob quickly positioned in front of the police station to claim vengeance.

The military made warning shots to disperse the crowd, but at least one person died and two others injured.

Thursday morning, "the body of 8-year-old boy, was found without sex or tongue", said the Assistant to the Commander of the gendarmerie.

"Then, the rioters have suspected two vazaha of being the authors of this murder and engaging in trafficking of organs in the city of Nosy Be Hell-Ville." The crowd of rioters also violently attacked houses of gendarmes, including "eight were already burned by rioters", as reported by the gendarmerie general Guy Bobin Randriamaro at the site.

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